• Anjelica Yoder

Return to Running

Many moms get their postpartum 6-week clearance from their doctor but they don’t know where or how to begin to get back to doing what they love. Or they go full-on to working out to try to lose their baby weight and end up with more injuries.

A pelvic PT can help you get back to your favorite workout routine SAFELY.

Here are a few progressive activities that is assessed prior to getting the running shoes out of the closet.

Running Shoes

Can you perform these exercises WITHOUT pain, heaviness, or urinary leakage?

- Walk for 30 minutes

- Single leg balance

- Single leg squat

- Jog in place for 1 minute

- Forward jump

- Single leg jump

- Running man squat

If you are not able to complete these activities symptom-free, you may not be ready to hit the trail.

Running is a high impact sport and places a lot of demand on the body. So it is important to start with foundational lower impact exercises to ensure you are ready to get back to running.

There is SO MUCH MORE a pelvic PT assesses postpartum. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The important thing to know is that YOU HAVE SUPPORT and you don’t have to walk this journey on your own!

If you returned to running postpartum, drop a comment below on how your experience was or if there was anything you found helpful!

Thank you to Goom, Donnelly, and Brockwell for listening to what moms are asking for and creating the “Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines.”

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