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What our clients are saying...

"My right knee and the right side of my back were in severe pain and I developed plantar fasciitis on my right heel I could barely move even with a walker and steroid injections from orthopedics did not last long.

Dr. Brent is professional and patient, listens carefully and spends his time with you completely focused on resolving your issues. He has used an impressive variety of techniques to reduce my pain and to get my right side stronger and better aligned.

Now, my plantar fasciitis is gone, my back rarely bothers me, and I can walk a mile without a cane. Still working on the knee, but I am confident that I can delay surgery for many years, perhaps forever. Thanks, Dr. Brent!"

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Kathy G.

"Anjelica provided therapy services to both my husband and myself.  For each of us the therapy was individualized and consistent with what we were able and willing to do.  She explained what each exercise accomplished and increased exercise difficulty as we progressed.  Our home maintenance programs were reviewed at discharge and we continue to practice them.  She's terrific."

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- Marcia R.

"I highly recommend Brent Yoder. Brent has been nothing short of wonderful and amazing with my 11-year old son who developed Parsonage Turner Syndrome last year at age 10. This syndrome created a paralysis of sorts to my son's left arm/shoulder. He could not lift his arm straight up, could only bend at the elbow. Brent has worked with him every week for about 10 months now. At the six month mark, my son was finally able to completely lift his arm. Since then, Brent has worked extensively with him to rebuild the strength in his arm. He has done progress notes and communicated with our orthopedist in order to provide the highest level of care for my son. At the beginning of the school year, my son couldn't wear a backpack or ride his bike to school. Now, he is doing both and much more!


Thank you Brent for all you have done! We greatly appreciate it more than you know!"

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- Michelle B.

"Dr. Yoder was very patient, kind, and thorough in his evaluation. Not only did he perform excellent physical therapy in his office, he made sure I had exercises to do at home to keep up the progress. My back felt much better after his treatments. Highly recommended!"

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- Shawn O.

"'Mom, I am already feeling better , and I really like this doctor '!  Hearing this comment after first visit to Brent Yoder at Yoder PhysicalTherapy & Wellness is the sweetest sound that gives me hope for my son!

Dr. Yoder is very professional and personable, totally interested in getting to know the history and every detail about the pain that brought us to his clinic! Very knowledgeable and kind! Highly recommend this couple dedicated to helping everyone to feel better!"

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- Lilliana H.

"They are absolutely fantastic - they knew exactly how to help me. I followed what they told me and now I’m pain free! I was so impressed with their customer service and their use of technology to treat me. I’d definitely go back and highly recommend them!"

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- Damon M.

"Glad I finally went to see Dr. Yoder. He got to the bottom of some sports-related hip and foot problems I had been struggling with for several months. He did what appeared to be a thorough examination, made clear recommendations and demonstrations of exercises to address the problems, and followed up a couple of times to see how things were progressing. Seems genuinely to love his work and making people feel better."

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- Charles H.

"I had the privilege of working with Brent Yoder. He was able to identify exactly what was going on in my hips and gave me a program to address the problems. I'm happy with the results he's was able to provide to me. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for physical therapy in Sarasota!"

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- Connor M.

"I worked with Brent Yoder after I got in a scooter accident that messed up my ability to walk without pain. After just 1 session with Brent he was able to identify the main causes of the pain and help me with exercises that would relax the muscles and help me to walk properly. I now go days and days without any pain and that was after only one session. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Brent to become pain-free.


Brent is very patient and is great at listening to what the problem is. He is not shy about treating your problem boldly but makes sure that everything he has you do or that he is going to do is ok with you and checks in constantly about how it's feeling as your working through different treatments. I would strongly recommend Yoder PT and Wellness to anyone who wants someone who is more concerned about your health then the money in their pocket!"

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- Cassie M.


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