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Meet the Owners

Brent Yoder

Brent Yoder

"I specialize in treating all types of muscle and joint pain. My goal is to identify the source of your pain and individualize each treatment for better outcomes and faster results. 

I would be honored to be a part of your rehab journey!"

Anjelica Yoder

Anjelica Martinez-Yoder

"You deserve more! You deserve for your story to be heard and for your body to get the attention it needs to get back to doing what you love pain-free and without symptoms.


I would love to be a part of your story!"


Dr. Brent Yoder has been treating me for hip problems.  He is like a detective finding the root of my problem. Dr. Brent listens and explains the procedures. Through different kinds of therapies including, exercises and manual techniques, he has helped with finding ways to reduce the pain. What a pleasant setting, as well. No feeling of being in a “PT factory” with many others being treated at the same time. Thank you, Dr. Brent!

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- Joanne E.

"I highly recommend Brent Yoder. Brent has been nothing short of wonderful and amazing with my 11-year old son who developed Parsonage Turner Syndrome last year at age 10..."

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- Michelle B.

“I was so impressed by and thankful for the knowledge Dr. Anjelica shared with me during my eval. She is so kind, extremely respectful, and super passionate about the work she does with the women she meets!”

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- Kelli G.

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Wow! The treatment I received from Dr. Anjelica was nothing but five-star service. I seriously lost hope in how I was going to get my women's issues better. I've been to so many women doctors who couldn't help me with my issue or they thought I was lying, but with just one consultation, Anjelica was able to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment.  She was super patient and kind throughout the process. Since seeing her, I have not had any pain down there and feel much more confident as a woman.Thank you, Anjelica, for giving me back the confidence I needed.”

- Alexandra B.