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With our model, YOU COME FIRST!

Why Cash-Based Physical Therapy?

We chose to open a cash-based physical therapy clinic to provide high quality care and intentional time with our clients. When we worked in an insurance-based clinic, we were seeing up to three patients an hour. We were also alternating visits with a physical therapy assistant so we could get more evaluations in. Naturally, insurance-based clinics have to do this because reimbursement is so low.


With our model, You come first!

You are probably thinking, “Why would I pay cash if I have insurance? Isn’t it more expensive?”

Not necessarily. When you pay cash, you have no hidden fees or surprise bills. You simply pay at the time of your visit. In many cases, our services can be cheaper than going through your insurance due to high co-pays and deductibles. If you have to pay out of pocket to meet your deductibles, go where you can get more time, more attention, more individualized care, and better outcomes. 

Your value is longer evaluations and treatment sessions, decreased number of visits, direct interaction with a physical therapy doctor during your visit and outside of your visit. Doesn’t that sound great!


Our goal is to get you pain free and independent with your exercises as fast as possible so you don’t have to be dependent on us.


If you have insurance and would like to seek reimbursement, we can help you with that. 

Don’t wait any longer! Call now to get the care you need and the outcomes you want!

Should I really pay out of pocket?

Cash-Based Physical Therapy gets you better outcomes, and faster results by putting YOU first!

Have Questions?


Give us a call or refer to our FAQ section.

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