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  • Anjelica Yoder

Is your pelvic floor weak, tight, or not coordinated?

Your pelvic floor can be one or all of these. This is why Kegels are not always the answer.

To review, a Kegel is a pelvic floor muscle contraction performed to strengthen these muscles.

About 30% of women that are doing Kegels, are doing them incorrectly!

Common mistakes include contracting the wrong muscles (abdominals, glutes, hip muscles), doing too many, doing them while you are peeing to stop the flow (a big No No), holding your breath, or doing them when it is not recommended.

Anjelica holding model of pelvis

If Kegels are done incorrectly over time, it can actually make your symptoms worse.

The good news is that with simple instruction and education from a pelvic floor PT, you can develop awareness of your own body, know how to contract and relax your PFM, and feel confident in your recovery. With a personalized evaluation and treatment plan, you will be set on a road to success. Freedom!

There you have it ladies! Your pelvic floor symptoms can be many different factors.

It could be weak, tight, AND not coordinated which makes Kegels not the solution for everyone.

If Kegels were the holy grail, pelvic floor physical therapy wouldn’t exist.

If you are experiencing any pelvic symptoms and don’t know what to do, give me a call.

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