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Fruitville Physical Therapy


Has the traditional health care system let you down?

It is time to invest in the best because your health matters to us!

Brent with young patient at a home in mask

Concierge Physical Therapy

Therapy right to your home. Perfect for the busy mom or individual who can’t make it to the clinic.


We bring all the equipment and help set up your exercises to ensure the best outcomes for your rehabilitation.

We are a physical therapy clinic in Sarasota, FL and serve the Fruitville area by coming to your home or work! 

Anjelica feeling patient's abs

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Evaluation and treatment performed by Dr. Anjelica specializing in pelvic floor women's health.


No matter what stage of pregnancy or postpartum you are in, I am here to help.

We are a pelvic floor clinic in Sarasota, FL so you don't need to travel far!

Brent talking to patient in sling

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Evaluation and treatment performed by Dr. Brent specializing in manual orthopedic rehabilitation.


Whether you just had surgery, recently injured yourself, or are plagued with nagging pain, I can help. 

We are an orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Sarasota, FL so we are nearby to Fruitville!

How Are We Different?

We are a husband and wife owned clinic offering non-traditional cash-based physical therapy.

We focus on identifying the root cause of your pain and give our clients everything they need to stay healthy, active, and pain-free.

We are also passionate about investing and supporting our local community in the Fruitville and Sarasota, FL area.

Brent moving patient's arm

Why Choose Yoder PT & Wellness?

Feeling overwhelmed about your pain and still getting nowhere after spending countless hours on the internet getting advice from blogs, youtube, Dr. Google. 

You need a team who will take the time to listen to your needs. Who asks the right questions in order to identify the true cause of your pain. Who realized everyone’s rehabilitation journey is different. Someone to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear because they care about you. Someone who will challenge and empower you to be a better version of yourself to accomplish what you have always wanted.

We know the traditional physical therapy clinic model because we operated one before starting our cash based clinic. We were  limited by insurance demands, had to discharge patients early or over utilize visits when not necessary, profit minded instead of attentive to our clients needs, limited hands-on care, limited time for education, and clients often got a different physical therapist every session.


Your health is worth it and there is no better time to invest in yourself than right now.


Come to a unique physical therapy clinic in your backyard in Sarasota, FL, or we can come to you in Fruitville, FL. Call Yoder Physical Therapy & Wellness and experience the difference yourself.

Anjelica with patient exercising

If your pain has been going on for more than a week, don’t wait any longer.


Your road to pain free living is attainable when you team up with us.

Therapy where every you want!
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