• Anjelica Yoder

Are there any toilet hoverers or squatters out there?

I am so guilty of this!

Whether it be I didn’t want to spare a few seconds to put a liner on the toilet. Or, I just plain didn’t want to squat low enough to sit on a toilet. Because let’s be real, there are some toilets that purposefully want to make your quads burn as a workout. I mean have you ever sat on a kid’s toilet.

Did you know this is actually not a good habit for your pelvic floor?

Squatting over a toilet

When you hover or squat over the toilet, your pelvic floor muscles does not relax making it difficult to fully empty the bladder. This can lead to straining behaviors to push urine out or to make urine come out faster. These habits can contribute to risk of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary urge and frequency, and UTIs.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use a toilet seat cover if you are concerned about bacteria (BTW, there are WAY more germs on door knobs than there are on toilet seats)

  • Sit on the toilet seat (every once in a while is okay but try to get out of this habit)

  • Relax and breath. Take your time. (I feel for moms who struggle to get even a few minutes alone in the restroom to do their business)

  • No pushing, straining, or holding your breath

  • You can place your feet on a stool to help relax your pelvic floor

So next time you are in a rush or in a public restroom, show your bladder some love and chose to sit. Your bladder and pelvic floor will thank you!

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