• Anjelica Yoder

Cesarian Scar Mobility

Do you have pain, sensitivity, or discomfort around your Cesarian (C-section) scar? Maybe that lower abdominal area feels “tight” when performing certain movements?

A pelvic floor physical therapist can help with this!

What happens is when your Cesarian scar heals, scar tissue develops to effectively close the wound site. This scar tissue can restrict mobility of the skin and abdominal muscles, create skin sensitivity, cause referred pain to the low back and hip, impair breathing and movement patterns, and contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction. Yes, a c-section does not protect you from having pelvic floor problems.

Woman with a c-section scar

One way a pelvic floor therapist can help is by performing scar tissue massage/mobilization.

Typically, you can start addressing the scar at about 6-weeks postpartum or once the incision site is fully closed.

You can start with gentle massage about 2-3 inches above and below the scar applying light pressure and gently pulling on the skin in different directions. You can then try moving your skin in different directions- side-to-side, in circles, up and down.

Next, you can progress to performing massage directly over the scar, applying deeper pressure, and advance to skin rolling techniques.

Whether you are a few weeks postpartum or a few years! It is never too late to start working on your scar!

Be sure to consult with your pelvic floor physical therapist for more information!

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